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Tusayan Ruins and Museum

Tusayan Ruins and Museum
Desert View Drive Highway 64

Tusayan Ruin and Museum provides a look into the lives of a thriving community as illustrated by its pottery, seashell bracelets, corncobs, and arrowheads. See 2,000–4,000 year old original split-twig figurines. Art from today's tribes provides a glimpse into their rich cultures.

The Tusayan Museum provides access to the ruins of a small Anasazi village, dating back to the late 1100s, furnish visitors with a brief history lesson of how some of the early settlers in this area lived. Historians speculate this settlement numbered about 30 people and was in occupation for only a quarter of a century. Although there are an abundance of nearby Anasazi sites, the Tusayan site is the only one with easy access. The ruin is accessable via a 1/4 mile trail from the museum itself.

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