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Tempe History Museum

Tempe History Museum
809 East Southern Avenue


The Tempe Historical Museum is a community history museum that explores Tempe’s identity and builds connections between residents and their community. We recognize the power of history to provide insights for making decisions relevant to contemporary and future life in an ever-changing society. Our museum is a stimulating public forum acting as a catalyst for lively dialogue.

We work together with Tempe’s diverse residents to preserve and tell their stories. The museum comprehensively explores Tempe history through exhibits, activities, speakers, collections, research services, and programs that captivate, connect with and delight audiences throughout the community and beyond. We embrace the important responsibility of collecting and caring for the artifacts and the written, spoken and pictorial records of Tempe.

The museum, as a municipal institution, follows the City of Tempe’s values. We adhere to a policy of inclusiveness that provides open access to all of our facilities, operations, and services.


The Tempe Historical Museum is a center where the community comes together to celebrate Tempe's past and ponder the future.

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