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Skating Club Of Wilmington

Skating Club Of Wilmington
1301 Carruthers Lane

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The Skating Club of Wilmington (SCW) is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation which operates as a multi-faceted club primarily focused on ice skating in all its forms and those other activities which support or enhance ice skating. It caters to all age groups and strives to have a practical mix of hockey, serious competitors, figure skaters, ice dancers, synchronized skating teams, recreational skaters, and community service while preventing any one activity from growing so large as to prevent the proper serving of any other group. It also emphasizes the health and fitness benefits of ice skating to all. What you have just read is The Skating Club of Wilmington's mission statement.

In a nation concerned that even its children are becoming couch potatoes, skating keeps youngsters and adults active and fit. Its seeming grace belies its difficulty. Skaters must learn self-discipline, work ethic, close attention to detail and the importance of practice. They receive grounding in the arts, especially music and dance. Young skaters learn to interact well with each other and with adults. They learn good manners. They learn to be on time. They acquire self-confidence and they gain self-esteem. Adult skaters also enjoy acquiring new skills and the challenge of improving their performance.

Skating is often a family sport, which children, parents and sometimes grandparents can enjoy together. Mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, practice ice dancing together. It is a sport for all ages. The Skating Club of Wilmington offers Parent-and-Tot classes, youth and adult classes. Some of our adults are 50 years old, and several are in their 70's and 80s.

The organization began as a private club. It still operates as a club; one of about five ice rinks in the United States, owned and operated by its members. Today's members are a diverse group, and membership fees are structured so almost any family or individual can join this friendly supportive organization. Public sessions offer an inexpensive option for occasional recreational skaters.

The rink's activities try to include those who might otherwise never experience ice skating, through open houses, birthday parties and through such programs as "Skate with Santa" and lunch with the Easter bunny for children whose mothers have fled abusive situations for women's shelters. Some of these shelters are Child, Inc., Children and Family First and the YWCA.

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