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Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary

Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary
4619 East Washington Street

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The Pueblo Grande Museum would not thrive without the support of an organized volunteer group; the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary provides invaluable time and money for numerous Museum activities.  The Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary is an affiliate organization of Pueblo Grande Museum.  A volunteer board serves as the governing authority for the Auxiliary and is responsible for its fiscal and operational management.  The Auxiliary also serves as an advisory group for the Museum.

The Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary was incorporated in February 1981.  As part of the incorporation, the Auxiliary wrote a constitution (revised in October 1987) setting forth its objectives:

The object and purpose of this organization shall be to bring together people with an interest in the conservation and preservation of prehistoric resources, specifically, the heritage of Arizona prehistory and that of the Salt River Valley; to assist Pueblo Grande Museum and staff in dispersing educational materials; to provide lecturers and tour guides; to assist in the preparation of exhibits, library cataloguing and management, collection management, curatorial and conservation techniques, records management and research; and to organize, publicize and promote activities, events and fund raising for the Pueblo Grande Museum.

The organization and its members may inform the Parks, Recreation and Library Board and the City Council of the city of Phoenix, Arizona on matters relating to Archaeology and the Pueblo Grande Museum.

Membership in the Auxiliary is open to all individuals and the Auxiliary holds monthly meetings October through June.  At these meetings the membership is updated on Auxiliary activities and educational programs.  At each meeting, lectures and presentations that support the Museum and Auxiliary missions are presented.  The Auxiliary’s annual meeting is held in June where the membership elects new board members and approves a budget for the organization.

The Auxiliary also helps support various workshops, such as pottery and basketry making, children’s educational programs such as Archaeology for Kids and Hohokam Experience. In addition, a group of trained volunteer Docents serve as tour guides and interpreters for the Museum and provide tours to more than 10,000 students each year.

The Auxiliary also operates the Museum store.  The store offers a variety of southwestern arts and crafts and an extensive book collection, providing a valuable resource to the community and a significant source of revenue for the Museum.

The contributions of the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary to the operation and well-being of the Museum cannot be overstated. What started as a small group of energetic volunteers has grown to more than 250 members.  In addition to hundreds of volunteer hours, the Auxiliary has donated more than $2,000,000 to supplement the Museum’s operating budget since its inception. 

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