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New Castle Court House Museum

New Castle Court House Museum
211 Delaware Street

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Visitors to the New Castle Court House Museum learn about Delaware's colonial history, early system of law and government, and how its legislative and judicial decisions affected the lives of its citizens. Featured at the museum are exhibits on Delaware's colonial court and assembly, Delaware's Underground Railroad and abolitionists, and a special focus exhibit: "We the People....The Right of Trial by Jury."

The evolution of trial by jury is a distinctive feature of the English and American system of justice. Trial by jury came to America with the colonists from England. One of the many grievances against the King of England listed in the Declaration of Independence was depriving the colonists of the benefit of trial by jury. Jury trial is now guaranteed as a fundamental right and part of due process of law by the Constitutions of the State of Delaware and the United States.

Jury Service, a duty of citizenship, plays an important part in the pursuit of justice. The jury's function is to find the facts and the judge's function is to state the law. Together, they put into practice the principles and protections of liberty under the law. This exhibit examines jury trial; its evolution, importance and place in the legal system. Highlighted are sample trials and juries that have had a significant impact to justice in the State and Nation. Large groups that are interested in attending a tour of this exhibit must make reservations in advance by emailing the site supervisor or calling 302-323-4453.

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