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Museum Of Northern Arizona

Museum Of Northern Arizona
3101 North Fort Valley Road


The mission of the Museum of Northern Arizona is to inspire a sense of love and responsibility for the beauty and diversity of the Colorado Plateau through collecting, studying, interpreting and preserving the region's natural and cultural heritage.

The Museum reaffirms the core tenets of the mission established by the founders in 1928:

- Research - "To increase knowledge of science and art"
- Collections - "To collect and preserve objects of art and scientific interest"
- Education - "To diffuse knowledge and appreciation of science and art"
- Conservation - "To preserve and protect the region's historic and prehistoric sites, works of art, scenic places, [plants] and wildlife from needless destruction"
- Place - "To maintain a museum in the city of Flagstaff that provides facilities for research and aesthetic enjoyment"


The Museum of Northern Arizona is a warm and vibrant place of ideas, with a strong local identity, a regional focus and an international perspective. Our vision for the Museum over its second 75 years is that:

- It is a welcoming place where people are drawn together to share their knowledge, love of learning and sense of innovation
- It is a place that supports and gives voice to the region's diverse cultural perspectives
- It has sustainable, state-of-the-art facilities while retaining its traditional character
- Its educational programs and exhibits are beautifully presented, inspiring and intellectually challenging
- Its collections are conserved with great care and respect and will provide a continuing source of inspiration and learning
- It sets the standard for on-going regional research that is solid and significant
- Its staff and volunteers are creative, enthusiastic and supportive of each other, the Museum's mission and the wider museum community


The Museum of Northern Arizona is committed to:

- Openness - of purpose, governance and communication
- Integrity - in fair and ethical practices and the respectful treatment of all
- Excellence - in leadership, cooperation and in use of highest museum standards
- Relevance - in identifying and responding to new challenges
- Stability - of its mission, vision and resources, particularly its collections
- Respect - for different viewpoints, diverse cultural values and the traditions of the Museum.

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