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Irida's Giraffe Museum

Irida's Giraffe Museum
24039 South Val Vista Drive

About Us
Joe, born in Oklahoma, but spending most of his life in Canada and Irida, born in Belgium, now a Canadian citizen moved to Arizona in August 2004.

We are often asked why we left our familiar comfort zone to start fresh yet with lots of uncertainties. The answer is simple: we are finished dreaming, now we want to live the dream. We are finished talking about bringing joy to the world... now we want to deliver before we are too old and frail. Doesn't everyone know that life starts at 50!

We wanted to create and bring something new and unusual. With an extensive giraffe collection already in tow the idea the start a museum came as soon as we walked into this old farm house. The property was perfect, leaving lots of room for expansion. Who says it doesn't pay off to take a calculated risk once in a while?

I hope we can continue to grow and bring lots more smiles to all the faces walking through our door... age doesn't count so come see and join us in some fun!
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