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Delaware Toy And Miniature Museum

Delaware Toy And Miniature Museum
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About Us
The Delaware Toy & Miniature Museum, a nonprofit organization founded by Gloria R. Hinkel and Beverly J. Thomes, is a historical reference of antique and contemporary dollhouses, miniatures and sample furniture as well as dolls, toys, trains, boats, and planes, both European and American, from the 18th to 20th centuries.

This collection of over 100 dollhouses and rooms, antiques as well as the newly crafted miniatures made by talented artisans serves as a visual documented piece of history. A visitor not only sees the furniture and accessories of today but those enjoyed by our ancestors of yesterday.

The museum features Bliss, Maërklin, Hubley, Ives, A.C. Gilbert, Schoenhut, McLoughlin and many others well known in the field of toy making. The importance and preservation of these early playthings affords collectors and visitors an artful insight into our past.

The Nuremberg kitchens and many shops and dollhouses along with the period toys enhance our reminiscence of earlier times.

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